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Carpets, Upholstery and Hard Surface Cleaning

Hard Surface Cleaning

Eagle County's best and most professional hard surface cleaners. Grout? Stone floors, tile, countertops, wood cleaning...showers, floors and so much more. Call us today for your FREE estimate.

Carpet Cleaning

You paid a bundle for that carpet. Be sure to keep it clean and it will last you a long time. We recommend cleaning your carpet at least once per year. Pets? We have ways of cleaning spots and other high-traffic areas so that they are refreshed and renewed. We apply specialized carpet cleaning techniques and solutions that are safe for the environment and your family. Over the years, you and your family members track in pollen, dirt, food particles and many other contaminants. Isn't it time to treat your carpet to a thorough cleaning? Call today for your FREE estimate.

Upholstery Cleaning

Take care of your upholstered furniture and it will provide you with years of enjoyment. it takes experts like those at Xtreme cleaning to know what solutions to use for all fabrics. We ensure that the color fastness and dimensional stability of your fabrics are cared for so that the outcome is perfect every time. Deep clean the debris left by pets, pollen, dirt, dust mites and dander. We perform Spring cleaning all year long!

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Eagle Valley Cleaning Services

Our trained team of experts is ready to clean your home with years of experience and knowledge, offering world class solutions since 1998. Bonded and insured, we offer carpet cleaning utilizing state-of-the-art equipment as well as scrubbers and polishing equipment for your hard surface cleaning needs such as bathrooms, kitchen (countertops and floors). We offer expert services in mold remediation as well.

We specialized in unreachable places in your home or business such as crawl spaces, basements, garages, and much more. Drapes, upholstery, floors of all kinds – large and small, from Glenwood Springs to Summit County, Colorado.

Call us today to schedule our service:   (970) 445-7018